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The One Website Monitoring Tool Your Business Can't Afford to Miss

I want to talk to you about a super helpful online tool called Oh Dear that I think is an absolute must-have for anyone running a website.

Okay, so what exactly does Oh Dear do? In a nutshell, it monitors your website and lets you know when something goes wrong or needs your attention. For example, it can track your website's uptime and send you an instant alert if your site ever goes down. I don't know about you, but I definitely want to know ASAP if my site is down so I can get it back up and running!

Oh Dear also keeps an eye on your website's performance. If your pages start loading slower than usual, it will catch that and let you know so you can optimize things. Nobody wants a slow website that drives visitors away!

Another great feature is Oh Dear crawls your site daily looking for broken links or 404 errors. Finding and fixing broken links is so important for SEO and user experience, and Oh Dear makes it easy.

It even monitors your SSL certificates and can warn you if one is about to expire. You don't want those pesky browser warnings scaring off your customers!

Now if any issues come up, Oh Dear can send you real-time customizable notifications via Slack, SMS, email, webhooks and more. So handy!

There are seriously so many useful features packed into this one tool. Oh, and developers will love that Oh Dear has developer-friendly docs, APIs, and framework integrations too.

If your website is important for your business, Oh Dear is an absolute must-have in my opinion. It will give you serious peace of mind knowing your site is in good health.

Head over to ohdear.app to start a free 10-day trial and see for yourself! Just the price of a cup of coffee per month after that. Well worth it for all the value you get.