Hi, I'm Jordan Dalton, VP of Engineering, Laravel Guru, Entrepreneur (1x acquired), Content Creator, Husband, Father, Musician.

PHP / Laravel / VueJs / TailwindCss
Embarking into 2024: A Reflective Journey through 2023
As the curtain falls on the stage of 2023, I find myself drawn into introspection, unraveling the rich tapestry of experiences that defined this transformative year. From personal milestones and professional triumphs to unexpected challenges and community engagement, join me in revisiting the chapters that shaped my journey.
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The One Website Monitoring Tool Your Business Can't Afford to Miss
Keeping your website up and running smoothly is crucial for any business today. Website downtime can cost you lost revenue, damaged reputation, and frustrated customers.
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Advanced Laravel: Terminable Middlware
Terminable middleware can be useful for tasks such as logging, cache management, or any other cleanup tasks that need to be performed after the response has been sent. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to create a simple HTTP request/response logger. Let’s get started.
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Advanced Laravel: Contract & Implementations
If you're a programmer, you've likely heard the term "contracts" thrown around in discussions about software development. But what exactly are contracts, and how do they relate to programming? Let me show you.
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Laravel Pipelines: Transforming Your Code into a Flow of Efficiency
Laravel's pipelines are a powerful tool for simplifying complex processes and streamlining workflows. By breaking down operations into smaller, reusable stages, pipelines offer a more efficient, readable, and scalable approach to handling data transformations in your Laravel applications.
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